My notes on Neovim

So I decided to give Neovim another try (and specifically nvim-qt). Here's what happened. Note that I'm not looking for a "solution to my problem" or any crap like that. This is purely based on my observations and experience with Neovim. Also, obligatory disclaimer that this ended up being a stream of consciousness, and may therefore lack a bit of structure. I decided to give Neovim a try after reading up on Vim 9, specifically surrounding compatibility with neovim.

Vim Cheat Sheet

There's already a number of cheat sheets out there for Vim and Vimscript, but I rarely find one that works. Or at the very least an easily searchable list with specific keywords describing what a function does. So I made one. (Or at least made a reference that I'll add stuff to when I find neat tricks). This is largely meant to cover "lesser known" functions, but will cover others that may not be lesser known, purely because I felt like including it, or because it took embarassingly long for me to become aware of its existence.

Why I use Vim

There's arguably more than enough of these posts on the internet as it is, but after reading this story, I felt inspired. Unlike that though, this is based on my actual experiences rather than that of a fictional character. I've also had this post in mind for quite some time, so I figured it might just be about time to get it out there. Disclaimer: My sense of time is trash.