SSH hardening: an observation on the efficiency of changing ports

I often open an SSH port to the internet, largely when I need to access my devices remotely. I've taken numerous measures to harden my servers, but the biggest problem has always been DDOS protection. DDoSes attempting to brute-force passwords are tough out of luck thanks to password auth being disabled, but that doesn't prevent various botnets from trying. Especially over IPv4, it's not news that these bots scour the internet to look for open ports.

Fun with SSH

Three months ago, I decided to dig into self-hosted NAS solutions, because I wanted to free up a port, and I was tired of repeatedly asking "where tf did I put my disk now?" whenever I had to move it because laptops are painful. I switched to a desktop after my MSI gaming laptop (don't buy MSI gaming laptops, it'll break fast and you'll regret buying it; and yes, I'm still pissed about a three year old laptop breaking.