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TL;DR: (but not a substitute for the full policy); I do not collect data, though GitHub Pages may, external CDNs may, and any content embedded may also collect data. See the privacy policies of the external services to see what they collect, if anything.

This website does not intentionally collect any data.

None of the data that is collected is under my control, nor is it collected for my use.

Third party content

This site may link to third party content that does include trackers, though I strive to avoid inlining as much as possible to avoid third party services from injecting unwanted trackers into my site. "Strive to avoid" does not mean "fully avoid", however. For third party content embedded on the site, see their respective privacy policies.

Site hosting

This site is hosted by GitHub pages, meaning GitHub may collect technical information. For more info about what GitHub collects through GitHub Pages, see GitHub's privacy policy, or contact GitHub with questions.


The following CDNs are used for scripts:

See the privacy policies of these services to see how they process your data.


Comments are handled by' privacy policy can be found here. uses GitHub to save comments, which means it calls GitHub's API to load and post comments. See GitHub's privacy policy for what they collect, if anything. The comments are stored as comments to issues in the GitHub repo for this project; you may delete your own comments by going to the GitHub repo.

Linked content

I do not take responsibility for external sites that are linked to.