Contact etiquette

I have a lot of contact methods:

And I do have some standards:

Job offers

I'm not interested in out of the blue job offers. If I'm looking for a job, I'll make that abundantly clear and reach out rather than sit around and wait for a recruiter.

Stack Overflow

If you have a problem with something I did on Stack Overflow or elsewhere in the SE network, feel free to contact me. However, I'll report attempts at being rude to SO, as well as to whatever company runs the site where the message was sent (if applicable).

I have no problem looking over my decisions again, and defending or reverting them if appropriate - what I don't appreciate is getting a misdirected rant in my DMs.

Also note that I'll generally ignore links to questions - If I want to answer stuff on SO, I'll look for it myself.

Programming questions

This is partially a subset of the SO category.

I generally don't answer random programming questions I get in DMs. I do answer the periodic question on my Discord server, but that's mostly questions asked by people who are a part of the community.

Please consider opening an issue rather than contacting me directly. This is exclusively for information sharing if it's a problem that others might have. We're not well-served with discussions ending in "DM me" when it's a type of problem others might have. (Security vulnerabilities are an exception for obvious reasons).

Everything else

If not otherwise listed here, there's no particular restrictions aside the obvious one: don't be an asshole.

I'm also completely fine with being DMed for purely social reasons. I don't bite (unless bitten first).