About me

Hiya! I'm Olivia (AKA Zoe, LunarWatcher, and a few other nick- and usernames). I'm a full-stack developer and artist.

Nowadays I mostly work with C++ (when I'm not drawing or growing the factory), but I also know and use a bunch of other languages, some times just because I can. In case the URL of this website didn't give it away already, I keep all my projects on GitHub, though there's also an overview here on the website.

I'm also mildly fond of Vim.

Various info

Primary editorVim
Primary programming languagesC++ (Conan, CMake), Vimscript, shell (bash/zsh-flavoured), Python
TimezoneUTC+1 (UTC+2 during summer by force; fuck DST)



This website :) Active

Written in: HTML SCSS JavaScript Go templates

License: See repository

My website (you're here!), where I add whatever I feel like adding, and periodically torture myself with aligning divs in flexboxes (including the flexbox you're reading this in right now).

Dotfiles Active

Written in: Vimscript vim9script (soon:tm:) makefiles vim snippets

License: unlicense

A collection of dotfiles I use. Expands whenever I see a need to.

Genesis Active

Written in: C++ GLSL CMake

License: MIT

WIP game with currently no gameplay, because I wanted to do something with shaders.

Dragon Active

Written in: Python

License: MIT

Dragon is a bot to handle the "grunt work" of edits on Stack Overflow. This primarily means stuff that can be done with little effort, but that's time-consuming due to the quantity.

upm Active

Written in: C++ CMake Shell Lua

License: MIT

upm is a package manager meant to keep stuff up to date. Particularly useful on distros (cough cough Debian and derivatives) where the repos are severely out of date, and minimum version dependencies have passed the unnecessarily old version in the repos.

Skye Side-project

Written in: Vimscript Vim9script C++

License: MIT

An attempt at integrating some GitHub support into Vim, because nothing quite says masochism like Vimscript and C++ interop with web requests.

Vim and terminals already have plenty of support for Git, but GitHub support in Vim is scarce.

doesnotfail2ban Upcoming

Written in: C++

License: MIT

fail2ban but functional, fast, and reliable, with a higher focus on statistics and data

Auto-pairs Maintained

Written in: Vimscript

License: MIT

Initially a fork from jiangmiao/auto-pairs, but that today consists of heavy improvements to the original.

With several huge feature updates, the project aims to keep auto-pairs alive, even if its original author disappeared without arranging future maintenance.

Amber Maintained

Written in: Vimscript

License: MIT

Heavily inspired by a Neovim plugin, Amber tries to make the colorscheme design process less painful by letting you edit and preview live.

While there's certain restrictions on vimscript (because Vim really doesn't like reloading that), all standard highlights are supported, as well as with support for variables.

Dawn Maintained

Written in: Vimscript

License: See repository (MIT + unlicense)

Generates projects in Vim, similar to what an IDE would, but with complete freedom wrt. what's generated.

There's built-in structures for (my) C++ CMake structure, and a standard Vimscript structure. The repo is open for additional templates, however, and users can additionally customize existing templates, or add completely new ones.

DiscordWebhooks.cpp Patches only

Written in: C++

License: MIT

Reads RSS feeds and sends updates to channels through webhooks.

Self-hosted, bot-less option to various RSS bots. (Built because one of said bots were far too flaky, prompting me to make one instead of hoping it works and doesn't have another multi-day streak of downtime)

doctor.vim Dead

Written in: Vimscript Vim9Script

License: MIT

doctor.el, but in Vim.

Primarily intended to be a debug companion.

Taskranger Dead

Written in: C++

License: MIT

An attempt at making an alternative to Taskwarrior, but that eventually died because my needs changed, along with my managing needs.

Note that not all repositories are listed here, either because they're not important, because they don't fit into the purpose of the list, or because I simply didn't care enough to put it on there. The full repo list is on GitHub.

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