About me

Hiya! I’m Olivia.

I’m a fullstack developer, and an artist. I mostly program in Java and Kotlin, though I’ve also used Python, Scala, Batch, JavaScript, and PHP. Java, Kotlin, and Python are my favorite languages (though I prefer Java and Kotlin over Python). And of course C++, but I’m still learning that. I also draw when I got time, and I also do UI and web design.

Neural networks and AI in general is one of my favorite topics in programming. I’m far from a machine learning expert, but I still find it interesting.

Also a huge fan of Vim, and it’s currently my main code editor. The flexibility is a huge plus, and how easy it is to install a plugin is so far unmatched by other editors I’ve tried. I also keep a live version of my .vimrc on GitHub. Some other dotfiles are in the same repo.

If you want to talk to me, you can find me in my Discord server, or you can send me an email. The complete list is in the footer. In addition, you can find me in chat on all the Stack Exchange chat sites.

Project links